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#426 Hitpoints & Half-Measures: Inspiration Or A Draw 4

Welcome Walljangers to the 1st Hitpoints & Half-Measures Dungeons and Dragons Podcast with Dungoen Master Joe Clay, and the merry group of heroes, Matthew Bucurel, Frank Percy, Michael Williams, & Alim Leggett as they start thier journey in this epic DnD world. We start our journey with our heroes tracking some kind of creature that is terrorizing people around the town of Dearwood. As they begin to realize they are not the hunters, but instead the hunted. Terror awaits our heroes in the frightening forrest ahead. Will they come out on top of the hunt or just the next meal for their prey... Grab your dice and enjoy the first tale from our heroes in Hitpoints & Half-Measures. As always thank you for watching and until our next tale around the table Roll On!

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