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Perjangers and Wallhangers Staff



Welcome Walljangers I am Matthew Bucurel (The Mattman) host of the Try-Force Podcast. As well as the Lugnutz Podcast and the audio podcast Spoiler Alert that we do with my brother Stephen Bucurel (Big Brother). I have been podcasting for several years before Christopher Bristow (The Oldman) brought me in on starting a Nerd culture focused podcast. I always enjoyed finding out about the latest games or what was going on in Nerdy news. We started off with our trusty portable podcaster and took a car trip that would set the wheels in motion. Every week we would gather together, in the Perjangercave, and talk about the latest news. Until one fateful day when we made our first live appearance at Comic Universe getting to speak with the long time owner Frank Link. As luck would have it on a snowy winter night in Malvern we meet Kelly Collins(Twitchy Wilson). After that night the Try-Force was forged and the four of us would evolve what was a car ride into a weekly podcast of friends gathering together talking news. Special thanks to Christopher Bristow, Stephen Bucurel, Kelly Collins, Moicell Robinson, Joe Palladino my partners in crime and of course Bob. As Always thank you for listening, watching, liking, sharing and subscribing. Game On!



Chris Bristow known to many as the OldMan. Father to 5 kids, Husband, Friend. CO-Creator of PJ&WH Network. I wanted to do podcasting for a while, but wanted it to be a family atmosphere. I have seen many of these fails or die down in the past. I wanted something that everyone could have fun with. I also want to give everyone and anyone an opportunity to express their voice. There is enough out here to empower people to speak. Let us raise each other up and create something great.


Twitchy Wilson

Kelly Collins-I have many alias’ with the Podcast including: Twitchy Wilson, Zetreyu, and my least favorite “Our (R) Kelly”. I am a father to a beautiful girl and husband to a beautiful wife. The Oldman reached out to me about being an extra video camera for the episode with Comic Universe. Of course my camera failed that day and the boys threw a mic at me and it was pretty natural. I am photographer, videographer, and very skilled with photoshop. Although I was always into sports and a jock through high school and college and currently work construction, Chris and I would talk about video games and comics and he knew I was a closet nerd. I am a video game streamer on Twitch (Z3treyu). I love doing this because it shows that you can have it both ways. You can be the sports junkie or jock and still have a passion for video games, comics, and everything nerdy

Perjangers and Wallhangers Love Balloon


Big Brother

Stephen Bucurel- I'm Matt's older brother I like video games and cars and do podcasts on both. Thanks for watching. 


Wonderful Woman

Catarina Themyscira-<<<<<<<<<<---What he said!

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