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#421 Tales of the Hunted with Special Guest Delco: The Movie Director Chris Pierdomenico!

Welcome Walljangers to another Tales of the Hunted podcast with Frank Percy, Matthew Bucurel and special guest Delco: The Movie director Chris Pierdomenico. Tonight Making a hazy connection, One crazy night that lives on the rest of your life, The making of a Delcoverse, The most Delco statement ever said, The fear of God or Bob, Remembering amazing teaching heroes, Former students turned crew members, What am I going to create, Try walking in Chester county, Making $100 for a day in jail, More places should be like Tom Jones, A piece of advise for other film makers, B.T.S Delco: The Movie production end credits and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until the next hunt....Game On!

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