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#414 Tales of the Hunted with Special Guest Jabaar Brown: Thor's Golden Locks & Lite Blue Nipples

Welcome Walljangers to another Tales of the Hunted with special guest Jabaar Brown! We set our sights on Jabaar and his journey for this hunt. Tonight Micheal Jackson's Mailman, From stick figures to Naruto, Beating Greenday Cypress Hill & Larry, Hanging up on Def Jam, Frank's still not rolling in his Lamborghini, From homeless to Mike Tyson & Rick Flare needing your book, Selling comicbooks out of a backpack, Building up the next generation of comicbook artists, Defeating the Idea Grimlin, Hanging up on George Clinton, Growing up to be an old white guy, Refusing Toy Story, Building people up & paying it forward, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until the next hunt... GAME ON!

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