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#435 Tales of the Hunted with Special Guest Leah Cevoli!

Updated: May 6

Welcome Walljangers to another Tales of the Hunted with Frank Percy, Matthew Bucurel & special guest Leah Cevoli! Tonight we start off as Delco as you can get, Proper seat placement at AAW & the Champs ass, Mattman or is that Frank Percy, Leah's 1st Comic Con, The answer is 42, Mastering Ms. Pac-man machines, All connections are coming full circle, More money same slum, Have you won any awards for these shoes?, A Dad's job is to embarrass, From the Mayflower to the Playboy mansion, No GPS no problem, Describing the web of trust, Working with people who have passion, Hang out & you might meet Christian Slater, Bad day I can still wear flip flops, and so so much more. As always thank you for watching and until the next hunt.... GAME ON!!!

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