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#368 Lugnutz Podcast: Mazda's Prominent Fenders Barely Lit Hellcat

Welcome Gearheads to another Lugnutz Podcast with Big Brother and Mattman talking about all the latest in automotive news. Tonight S650 Mustang is looking sexy, Alpha's celebrates 100 year's of Quadrifoglio performance, We are a 90's Mazda again, Toyota is bringing back the stick to the Corolla, Buick needs to change it's Porsche Cyan, The electric skat pack Hellcat, The British Army is modifying to electric, New Mitsubishi with smarties for wheels, Manchester has a new Ghost, Porsche's four microchip headlights, DBS 770 forgets it's grille, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until next week DRIVE ON!

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