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#359 Try-Force Podcast: Ben Moretocome It Was Time For The Percolator

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, Wonderful Woman, and Big Brother talking about all the latest in nerdy pop culture news. Tonight Secret agent Elvis is alright alright alright, Why is everyoneelse on the wrong side of the road, We don't need another DC origin story, Don't be a menace in south Gothan while drinking your juice in the hood, Waller is about Waller, Kermit the green lantern, Two fans and Greg the bagger, It's not the end its the end of shit, AMC charges for the good seats, Open world Star Wars game that might or might not have been cancelled, Muppet Star Wars, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until next time Game On!

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