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#338 Lugnutz Podcast: Jeeps Giant Duck Plastic Covered Subaru

Welcome Gearheads to another Lugnutz Podcast with Big Brother and Mattman talking about all the latest in car news. Tonight Ford tells little about the new super duty, Buick chops off the fat, Honda's ultra dick move, Clean up your energy source for your Audi, BMW's got a plan to convert ANY Gas station to hydrogen station in two days, Jeeps giant rubber duck for the Detriot auto show, The Queen's final ride is in a Mercedes specs unknown, Subaru adds to many plastic bits, Problematic Tesla model S outside of warranty for sale, Dacia goes wild with ONE risenable car, The last gas powered Maxima, and so much more. It does not matter if you drive a Ford or a Dacia nothing rolls without Lugnutz!!! As always thank you for wathing and until next week DRIVE ON!

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