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#317 Try-Force Podcast: Woke Thighs Sith Gone Wild

Welcome to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, Cardboard Kelly, Big Brother, and special guest Dave Wascavage talking about all the latest in nerdy news and geek culture. Tonight We have a REAL conversation with Dave, Analyzing film art, Tripping into the Void, Speculating about Jedi abduction, Cute Jedi Suburban Sasquatch, You can't go wrong with a skeleton crew with Jon Watts, Anime crossing mediums, Not an I.V. drip sauce, Ringing Andor's bell, Not a real Sith with Han's clothes, Dark Souls vibe with a BACTA Tank, Jedi death bed repentance, and so much more. Until next week GAME ON!

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