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#265 Lugnutz Podcast: Space Truckin' Independent Shifting Rod

Welcome Walljangers to another Lugnutz Podcast with Big Brother and Mattman talking about all of the latest in automotive news. Tonight Toyota's kiddy art contest, BMW's rubber fingers will hold your phone, Ford's Mach-e gets a Shelby paintjob, Cadillac's transparence changing roof with the push of a button, Toyota's wireless charging vehicle patent, Electric Range Rover is going to any climate, Six brake caliper charger for stopping on a dime, 318 different colors for the Lamborghini Aventador, Vovlo's magic process for fossil free steel, Lost Suzuki found after 47 years, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until next week it doesn't matter if you drive a Ford or a Lamborghini nothing rolls without LUGNUTZ! Drive On!

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