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#228 Try-Force Podcast: Two Yutes Finding A Bonfire

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Our Iron Kelly, Oldman, Wonderful Woman, and Big Brother talking about all the latest in nerdy news and geek culture. Tonight we look at Rachel Matthews Face-Off art, Double Giggity He-Man trailer, Live-Action Beboping, One Punch to the websack, Bloody Batsuit or is Batman getting sloppy, Dreamy behind the scenes of the sandman, He's not the supermaning a hoe type, Darkhouse pulls a 360 degrees, Battlefield without the royal, Try it before you buy it coming soon, A new standaloon magic game, Buffering Rings around a bonfire, No Crunch release and much more. As always thanks for watching and until next week Game On!

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