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#222 Try Force Podcast: Standup Comedian Justice League with Brandon Vincent Jackson

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Brandon Vincent Jackson, Podcaster, Standup comedian and teacher, as well as the rest of the perjangervengers Mattman, Oldman, Wonderful Woman, and Big Brother. Each week we talk about the latest in nerdy news and geek culture. Tonight up and coming comedy in Grogu years, From the reading the Bible to Standup comedy, Picturing an annoying laugher, New reimagined batman again, We need more Clayface, Hella don't care about animated superman, The Animated Mount Rushmore, Anime fans DON'T want live-action adaptations, Deer-Boy has a sweet rack, AT&T sells off Warner Media in some form, Do we need a Snyderverse, Riddle's duct tape mask, Bruce Wayne's parents murdered again, You can always trust your Grammy's, Perjanger's Standup Comedian of the year, CGI Resident Evil series, Injustice Animated movie?!?, Feel the grass or stock the PS5, Nvidia's Battling Miners, Pokémon Lottery and much more. As always thank you for watching and until next week Game On!


Find Brandon Vincent Jackson here:6/11 - 6/12 - Punch Line Comedy, Philly W/ Roy Wood Jr. 6/25 - English for Criminals Live Podcast at Bootless Stageworks - Wilmington, DE and his podcast Or check out his Podcast here:

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