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#189 Try-Force Podcast: The Mookirinia of Time

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, Wonder Cat, Big Brother and special guest BigandTasty420. Each week we talk about the latest in nerdy news and geek culture. This week we debate dubbed vs subbed anime, Wonder Cat gives words of wisdom, Hoping for a Homelander Solderboy love scene, Christopher cubed X Christopher cubed, We got a cream and a pill for my oozing confidence, Syl's new super movie, We don't cyborg shame, Captain America might be coming back.. or.. not?, we debate which villain you would want to be friends with Killgrave or Kingpin, Reminiscing about inappropriate jokes in kids cartoons, Mattman can't drop the mic, Madds, Nadds or Lars, Caterina's choice, Cyberpunks CEO's Apology, The legend of Lunk and more. As always thank you for watching and Game On!

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