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#401 Tales of the Hunted: Regifting Ideas While Waiting In Line At Your Own Table

Welcome to another Tales of the Hunted with specail guest Jim Cannatelli, Dolby Zaccarelli, Christopher M. Reinig, Mattman & Frank "One Punch" Percy talking to the people behind the next indie hit X Knight! From comics to film we talk to the creator/director as well as the cast of the movie to see what makes this movie different from the rest, Discussing warp hell make up melting points, Swing for the fences babe playing around with threes, Stunt coordinator and hero, LIKE Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Sith knows the code, where is the bathroom?, Regifting is still a thing, I need a 23 & me before I get into Dune, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until next time Game On

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