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#376 The Matt & Cat Show: Chicken Or The Egg Or Worf Or Goku?

Welcome Walljangers to another great episode of The Matt & Cat Show with Mattman & Wonderful Woman talking about everything nerdy. Tonight Top five PJ&WH YouTube videos, Darth Bane is still the Badest Sith ever, The algarithm sends views our way, Nirea randomly stares at wonderful woman from the corner, Debating Spawn's casting age, binging or weekly watching, Worf's had a bad love life for the head of security, The which toy is your's Avatar test, Traveling down the Hobbit hole, Pick whatever spy name you want, From Ms. Maisel to Lois Lane, TamMan proves the Clark Kent effect, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until next time Game On!

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