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#257 Try-Force Podcast: Jack Spear Pauses Princess Peaches Drug habit

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast of coarse with Mattman, Oldman, Wonderful Woman, and Big Brother. Talking about all the latest in nerdy news, video games, and geek culture. Tonight speculating about flashbacks on the Bebop, Perjangers go off the rails Perjanging, A dreamy Papa Lamaster the laminator supreme, Cat likes how the Witcher is looking, Jack Spear and Tom Cruise as Wonder Woman, Doctor Who alumni is returning next season, We are not talking about the Hairy Doughnut, Super Mario plot revealed without kink shaming, Post apocalyptic Kirby 1up, masochistic game rerelease with no save points, Redefining the definition of RPG's, Handies for PS5's, and so much more. As always thanks for watching and until next week Game On!

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