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#204 Try-Force Podcast: A Nightmare On Nerd Street with Lisa Wilcox

Welcome Walljangers to a very special Try-Force Podcast because we have a dreamy guest Lisa Wilcox! You know and love her from so many roles like Alice Johnson in A Nightmare on Elm Street or Yuta from Star Trek: TNG. We got the pleasure to talk about her various roles and even what is still to come out. On top of that we also talked about the latest in nerdy news like The Devil is working part-time, X-Dudes with C.S.I angles, Debating the Inhumans show, Pablo Eskobear is going to Hollywood, April O'Neil is a good friend and a shitty reporter, How do you want to die in a horror movie and so much more. As always thank you for supporting and watching and always GAME ON!

+Check out the Tampa Bay Screams site here:

+Visit Lisa Wilcox's web site here:

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