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#200 Try-Force Podcast: Glowing Ancient Alien Battle Armor

Welcome to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, Wonder Cat, Our Iron Kelly, and a very special guest Frank Percy, Marvel's Punisher War Journals Inker. Each week we talk about the latest in geek culture and nerdy news. This week we talk to frank about all his comic work like Caribe the hunter and more, Avatar Studios gets a new animated movie, Michelangelo is the Frat guy, Animated Superhero with daddy issues, Mattman still can't pronounce names, DC loves their Soap Operas, Casually mentioning Hentai at the water cooler, Putting our tentacles in the water, Spider-Man gets stinky on his hang down, Marvel has a horny kink, LIl Matty stole $1000 worth of shrimp, You can skip the Jar Jar, The Protheans lost to the Reapers because the didn't have enough cowbell, Defecating TV's on wish, Mobile gamers love Twitchy, Bioware give up on Anthem 2.0, Batman doesn't need prep time, World's Largest functioning PS5, and so much more. As always thanks for watching and Game On!

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