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#266 Try-Force Podcast: Super Saiyan He-man Mr. Potato Head Famine

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, The Washed Gawd, and Big Brother talking about all thing nerdy and geek culture. Tonight Even the Hulk takes a nap, Left for dead with aim down sights, I bought all the clothes & guns and still have Elon Musk money, Captain America Space Rangers, Can't wait for the Potato Head Famine movie, Ka meh ha may I have the power, It's cowboys in space that's enough, Ciri's wooden sword and Pumbaa are in the next season of The Witcher, Dr., Holy shit Sony did their homework, Advertising in the yellow snow with a lot of control, Unless Meta goes down they might bring us GTA: San Andreas VR, Mattman and the Blind Man Twitch stream, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until next week Game on!

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