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#264 Try-Force Podcast: Monty Python Wizards and Warriors Tom Holland O face.

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, Wonderful Woman, Our Iron Kelly, Big Brother and Mark Gervais. We gather together each week to talk about all the latest in video games, nerdy news, and geek culture. Tonight A story of a girl brings up off the rails quickly, No smiling around sand, Our favorite horrible movies, Ahsoka Tano will always win against Luke, Hulk has problems with the Illuminati, We talk about our favorite Brendan Fraser movie, Mel Brooks is continuing to tell the history of the world, GTA Remastered is looking good you might have to boot up Rockstar games launcher, Starfield rap battles with children of the atom, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until next week Game On!

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