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#262 Try-Force Podcast: Digital Hoarder Xavier's buddies

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, Big Brother and special guests Trevor Alexander and Jeff Smalley from New Dad Gaming. We gather together each week to talk about all the latest in nerdy news and geek culture. Tonight we talk about differences in gaming between Canada and the US, Infinite carry is everything, Rich people penetrating space, Exploitation with parental consent, The people smell what Black Adam is cooking, Don't go chasing s

parkling waterfall front doors, Two Flash's one Supergirl, Promising Peacemaker trailer, No one called child services on Omni-Man, Disney delays their films again, System Shocking live-action video game adaptation, Property destruction is ok with a sling shot and animals, DC has King shark we have AstroGator, Story driven games use to be good enough for us, NASA isn't looking for Mattman, and so much more. As always thank you for watching and until next week Walljangers Game On!!

We thank Trevor and Jeff from New Dad Gaming visit here:

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