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#259 Try-Force Podcast: A Song of Credits & Debits

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, Wonderful Woman and Big Brother. Each week we talk about all the latest in Video Games, Anime, Movies, and the latest in nerdy news. Tonight Beating the snow level uphill both ways, Deku and Spiderman are on the run, The Eternals are hanging out for Monday brunch with tentacles, Sam Rami's old scars from before common day trolling, Disney's spread sheet and Netflix's hand grenade, James Gunn's secret project The Cat Came Back, No Fez's in Westeros but more dragons, Oldman's varying number of kids, Bob's Mom narrating your life or Waze, Cross promoting the podcast, Nerfing a W.O.W. character started Ethereum, and so much more. As always thanks for watching, supporting and until next week Game On!

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