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#251 Try-Force Podcast: Roy, Jeb, Ezekiel and the Fantastic Four Squared with The Green Bean Café

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman, Big Brother and Dana and Anita from the Green Bean Café. We get to talk to them about their culinary specialty of THC & CBD infused food as well as their event at New Jersey's Cannapalozza event visit their Instagram @TheGreenBean_Cafe for more details, but they end up infusing us with knowledge about edibles and CBD showing us the weed nerds they are. However we also gather together to talk about the latest in nerdy news and geek culture. Tonight Pokémon anime that's mostly serious, Wheel of time drops a trailer, Aquaman's ditching the iconic suit, Always remember the 5th member of the Fantastic Four Roy, Fantasy casting John Cena in the MCU, Neil Blomkamp sees a matrix like future, Hideo Kojima broke Mads face, Hydra summons Lilith under a blockbuster, Watching Shriek on a Game Boy Advanced 3 and a half inches from the wall, Lantern core color mood ring and so much more. As always Thank you for watching and The Green Bean Café. Until next time Game On! Check out The Green Bean Café Here: Visit our web site here: Listen to the audio version in the cloud here:

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