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#210 Try-Force Podcast: Thickboy Rancor Green Lantern of Reality with Tony Brown

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast with special guest Tony Brown and the rest of the Perjangervengers Mattman, Oldman, Wonder Cat, and Big Brother. Each week we talk about the latest in video games, geek culture and nerdy news. Tonight from clown drowning to the PA lottery, Black Clover anime trailer with no plot, Rick and Morty release date announced and a holiday, Batman's weird Virginia Slim voice, The really really Bad Batch Shamon, Thick boy Jedi Master Badokadok, Shinny floating douche helmet, Please finish the book first George, Way too easy game mode, Watermark punishment for cheater, ESO is going Next-Gen, Japanese man's Pokémon card heist, and much more. As always thanks for watching and until next week Game On!

-Watch Drown the Clown on Amazon Prime here:

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