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#170 Try Force Podcast Fridgizzle My Dizzle Wakanda Sandwich You Want

Welcome to the Try-Force Podcast with Mattman, Oldman and Big Brother. Each week we talk about the latest in geek culture and nerdy news. This week Six page Viking crossover, Wakanda Sandwich you want, Netflix's Creed teaser, Live-action Red Hood, The boom in Batman and Phantoms, Lego my egos, Batman beyond broke, Spider-Man's horrible honky accident, Mattman found the quantum story, Nothings in the box at Gamestop, Ask to see Marks bloody chainsaw, Cyberpunk coming by 2077, Oculus owners will need to link to Facebook, Spiders may Urinate fire, Series X Fridgizzle for Frizzle, and more. As always thanks for listening and Game On!

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