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#154 Try Force Podcast: Lethal Taser Hold My Gaphics

Welcome Walljangers to another Try-Force Podcast this times live from the Game N' DVD Exchange. Each Week Mattman, Oldman, Iron Kelly, and Bg Brother talk about the latest in Geek culture and nerdy news. This week we pick our top 3 on Mark's top shelf, Tasering people until they're on fire, Mark's traumatic Finial Fantasy experience, Spiderman 3 by crate, Too Fadorable for the front case, Mark shows us his chainsaw controller, Surprise T-shirt, Best game ever Shaq-fu, Wakanda forever, Young Yoda killing Yuenglings, Smokin ma hoffer, The Boys: the game, Oldman takes forever to finish a game, Avengers get specail effects on PC and much more. As always Thanks for watching and Game On!

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